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Care Bears Appisode


Now your child can join the Care Bears characters in an interactive adventure! Care Bears Appisodes allows your child to watch full-length Care Bears episodes and play along with their favorite Care Bears! In this Appisode, Funshine needs help learning an important lesson about competition! Its up to your child to help and his Bear friends along the way!
Features: - Fully interactive experiences featuring Funshine, Wonderheart, Tenderheart, Cheer and more!- Based on full length episodes - More than 30 exciting experiences with your favorite Care Bears!- Intuitive tap, drag, draw, swipe, tilt and voice interactions- Activities within the Appisode make each viewing a new experience!- Parents can track their childs progress and success in each of the activities, including: Math, Language and Literacy, Science and Nature, Social and Emotional, Critical Thinking and Exploration
Plumzi, Inc. is Palo Alto-based start-up, funded by Silicon Valley investors, with the participation of The Walt Disney Company, Turner Broadcasting, KDDI, and Fuji TV. Plumzi partners with world renowned animation studios to turn their existing TV episodes into Appisodes, a new form of entertainment on tablets and smartphones that enable kids to interact with characters and help drive the story via touch, voice, and tilt. Plumzi is a winner of Disney’s 2012 Innovation Challenge, a 2013 graduate of Media Camp, the accelerator program by Turner and Warner Bros., and works with the world’s leading animation studios including DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, and more.